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You can see the Job vacancies and Fellowships, which predict Latvia as an eligible destination country for fellows, published on EURAXESS  Jobs (European portal) in the right column and subscribe to the RSS feeder for Job & Fellowships in Latvia.


According to legislation, the open competitions for academic positions in state higher education institutions (universities) and state research centres in Latvia shall be announced by publishing an announcement in the newspaper “Latvijas Vestnesis (Latvia Herald)” (in Latvian !, see the section „Sludinājumi – Amatu konkursi (Announcements – Tenders for position)”.

The announcements for academic positions and job offers for researchers will be published also in the newspaper “Zinatnes Vestnesis (Science Herald)” (in Latvian !, see the section „Avize (Newspaper)”.

Some universities and research centres announce job offers for researchers on their portals:

University of Latvia in Latvianin English

Riga Stradins University in Latvianin English

Liepaja University in Latvian

The EURAXESS Latvia tries to popularize the publishing of job vacancies for researchers and scholars also on EURAXESS  Jobs (European portal) among universities and research centres in Latvia.


The State Education Development Agency (VIAA) regularly offers scholarships to students, researchers and teaching staff of several countries for studies and research work in Latvian higher education institutions (HEIs), as well as for the participation in summer schools organized by HEIs - Latvian Scholarship. The application deadline for the study and research stay for the Academic Year 2011/2012 is May 2, 2011. Additional information: VIAA Latvian Scholarship.

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