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The Outgoing mobile researchers from one country are Incoming mobile researchers in another European Research Area country. The operation of the network is organized according to the principle that the mobile researchers and their families will find the main information and personal assistance in their provisional target country.

Please find all necessary information regarding the Administrative and Legal aspects, also the Daily life issue on

EURAXESS Services (European portal) http://ec.europa.eu/euraxess/index.cfm/services/index


national EURAXESS portals and more than two hundred EURAXESS Services Centres located in 39 European Research Area countries http://ec.europa.eu/euraxess/index.cfm/services/networks

At the same time, EURAXESS Latvia attracts the attention of potential mobile researchers outgoing from Latvia and their families to clarifying all necessary circumstances connected with mobility:

  • Visas, Residence and Work permits;
  • Employment of researchers, Possibility to find a job for the spouse; 
  • Taxation and Social security issues (Pensions, Health care systems, Insurance); 
  • Recognition of the Diploma and Qualification (Academic and Professional); 
  • Intellectual Property Rights issues; 
  • Accommodation;
  • Health Care solution (also for family members); 
  • Language situation and possibility to attend Language Courses; 
  • Day Care and Schooling solutions for your childrens; 
  • Other Daily life Issues (driver license, pets, ...).

If you go to another European Union country for a short period and remain within the Health Care system of Latvia, we recommend you to utilize The European Health Insurance Card – EHIC, which operates in the state compulsory health insurance system in EU/EEA. Before utilizing a medical assistance guaranteed by the state, you must be confident that the service provider has a contract with the agency!

Additional Information: http://www.vnc.gov.lv/

We also recommend utilizing Europass, which is designed to encourage the mobility and lifelong learning in an enlarged Europe. It aims to help three million citizens make their qualifications and skills clearly easily understood throughout Europe (EU Member States, EFTA/EEA countries and candidate countries).

Europass consists of five documents, available in all official EU languages:

  • Europass CV;
  • Europass Language Passport;
  • Europass Mobility;
  • Europass Diploma Supplement;
  • Europass Certificate Supplement

Additional Information: http://www.europass.lv/ 

If you need additional information or need personal assistance for particular case regarding the General information about Latvia, please use our HelpDesk or contact the EURAXESS Latvia Services Centre.

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Page last updated:29.09.2014