Day Care and Schooling


Day care of pre-school age childrens will be ensured in municipal kindergardens, private kindergardens and by utilizing nanny services. In the municipal kindergardens the childrens will be admit to vacant positions according to wait–list and parents cover only feeding expenses. Utilizing of private kindergardens is based on tuition, but nanny services are paid services.

Pre-school education (ISCED level 0) - 5-7 year old children have to participate in pre-school programmes provided by general education establishments or kindergartens as a part of the compulsory basic education.

Basic education (ISCED level 1 and 2) - 9-year single structure basic education is compulsory for all children from the age of 7. Pupils, who have received evaluation in all subjects of the compulsory education curriculum, national tests and examinations, receive a Certificate of the basic education and a statement of records that qualify them and serve as a screening criterion for admission for further education and training in secondary level educational programmes.

Secondary Education (ISCED level 3) - the compulsory curriculum of 3-year general secondary schools is determined. A Certificate of the secondary education is awarded to all students, who have received a positive assessment in all subjects according to the chosen profile and the national examinations and a certificate of the passed centralized exams and their scores, providing the right to continue education in any higher-level education programme.

Every citizen of the Republic of Latvia and every person who has the right to a non-citizen passport issued by the Republic of Latvia, every person who has received a permanent residence permit, as well as citizens of European Union memberstates who have been issued a temporary residence permit, and their children, have equal right to acquire education. Preparation of five- and sixyear- old children for the acquisition of basic education, the acquisition of basic education or continuation of the acquisition of basic education until the age of 18, is compulsory. Fees for the acquisition of pre-school, basic and secondary education at an institution established by the state or local governments are covered from the state budget or local government budgets. A private education institution may determine the fees for the acquisition of education.

Schools Providing Instruction in Foreign Languages

The International School of Riga ( – an International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme; for children of pre-primary (from 18 months) up to grade 6; based on tuition; instruction in English.

The International School of Latvia (, Jurmala, a 20- minute drive from the centre of Riga) - an International Baccalaureate World School; for children from 2 years to 18 years; based on tuition; instruction in English.


Ministry of Education and Science ( – the leading state administration institution in the field of education and science, as well as in the fields of sports and official language policy, and it shall be responsible for the development of draft legislative acts regulating the relevant fields and draft policy planning documents, supervision of the implementation of the policy.

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